Conference Organizers

Innovation Northeast - Innovation Northeast is focused on accelerating innovation and strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Northeast.  The emphasis is on bringing together entrepreneurs and resources from across the Northeast region's high tech community to strengthen the innovation ecosystem. 

Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster - The Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster (NEESC) is a network of industry, academic, government and non-governmental leaders working together to help businesses that provide energy storage solutions. The cluster is focused on businesses that provide the innovative development, production, promotion and deployment of hydrogen fuels and fuel cells to meet the pressing demand for energy storage solutions.

Hydrogen Energy Center - The Hydrogen Energy Center is a non-profit organization run by visionary volunteers who are acting on their commitment to a better energy future. Membership fees fund these operations. The knowledge and energy of our members fuel everything we do. Our members share the desire to see hydrogen energy help correct the problems of dirty air, climate disruption, world conflicts and poverty which have been caused by our fossil fuel economy.

ACTION - The Association of Cleantech Incubators of New England (ACTION) is the region’s leading network of business incubators and other entrepreneur support organizations supporting cleantech and complementary technologies. We share the common goals of accelerating the growth and success of early-stage companies, strengthening the regional technology cluster, and creating jobs for economic improvement.